What HCS means to me

Hi there

For my first ever blog (ever, anywhere!) I thought I would briefly recall how I came to be in HCS and what it means to me.

I moved to Halifax from South Shields  (a lovely coastal town on the North East coast) in 2o10 at the tender age of 22. I tried joining an amateur dramatics group to help me make friends and settle in, but I found it a tremendous commitment time and energy wise so I gave up after about a year. I felt a bit lost and was desperate to get back into singing regularly but wasn’t sure what to do.

One afternoon in September 2013 (by which time I was a ripe old 25) I spotted an HCS poster outside the Victoria Theatre and thought I’d give it a go. I Googled the society, sent an email and went along the following Monday. I came away from that first rehearsal feeling excited and exhilarated. I had bravely sat with the first sopranos (on the front row no less!) and I have proudly sat there for almost three years now (gasp, approaching 29!). My fellow sops were friendly, welcoming, interested, interesting, helpful, kind…I could go on. I had found what I was looking for!

Every rehearsal with HCS is like a singing lesson, we are always learning and developing. I have sung works I’d never heard before, and some I was familiar with from school days, but they have all taught me different things and helped me grow and learn about my voice.

I feel I misled you when I said I would be brief. The top and bottom is that HCS has helped me feel like Halifax is my home, that I have my own life here with a hobby that I love and treasure. I would urge anyone to try joining a choir, no matter what your age, background or musical knowledge  (or lack thereof in my case). To me HCS doesn’t just stand for Halifax Choral Society, it stands for Happiness Comes from Singing.


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